Science Week 2020
1st and 2nd completed STEM projects as well as taking part in a live Zoom Science workshop from Lismore Heritage Centre.
Rang a sé showed how a piece of cardboard could stick upside down to a glass without glue.
Rang a Cúig explored “Surface Tension” and how it helps to balance other forces.
Rang 6 pupils displayed how the forces created within a glass of water could suspend a balloon.
Experiment 1 : Dancing Raisins.. We put raisins in water and they sank to the bottom .. then we put raisins in 7 up and they began to dance and float !
Experiment 2 : Diet Coke and Mentos the old classic!! caused an explosion and great excitement!
Experiment 3: We created a lava lamp with oil water and vitamin c tablets !
Experiment 4 : We created a skittles rainbow!! .. We put skittles all around the edge of the plate and poured warm water in the middle.. the colours left the skittles and formed a rainbow !!!
Rang 5&6 during the Calmast Science Week online quiz.

Ms. Ryans class made a lava lamp and a storm in a jug. We used vegetable oil, food colouring, water, and shaving foam.