School Credit Union to close

Unfortunately due to central bank and money laundering regulations we are no longer allowed to facilitate a school Credit Union savings scheme. Over the next 2 weeks we will be distributing all monies back to the students from their accounts. We can distribute this as a cheque in the child’s name or cash, if you require a cheque please contact Marie Ryan (0879902724) or Jackie Delahunty (0851944428).

We would like to thank Marie and Jackie for setting up and running the school credit union every week. It was a fantastic service for the children and gave them life lessons on the importance of weekly saving.

If anyone wants to open a savings account for their child they can do so at New Ross Credit Union you will need the bring the child with you to the Credit Union along with the following documentation.

For Minor Accounts the following documentation is required: (Under 16)

  1. Passport/Birth Cert of Child
  2. Proof of Parents address-dated within the last 3 months
  3. Photo ID for Parent opening the account
  4. Official proof of Child’s PPSN

The minimum Share Balance required for membership of New Ross Credit Union Ltd is €6.00

***** Please note that they do not facilitate the opening of new accounts between 12pm and 3pm ****