This year at Scóil Mhólainge we will work towards achieving the AMBER FLAG . The Amber Flag initiative aims to encourage our school to promote and actively bring about a culture change in the promotion of positive mental health within our educational system. It is to enhance the already good work that is going on in other sectors.  What the Amber Flag will do is acknowledge the efforts being made and unite all schools/clubs/societies/community groups in the promotion of “Positive Mental Health”. It becomes a daily topic of conversation leading to a cultural shift where mental health becomes “The Norm” leading to the breaking down of “Stigma” that is associated with mental health resulting in individuals seeking help sooner, when mental health issues arise.

Positive Mental Health aims to:

  1. Promote mental health and well-being for all.
  2. Prevent mental health problems through increasing awareness, social
    support, reducing risk factors such as racism, bullying and isolation.
  3. Improving quality of life for students/people with mental health
    problems by promoting recovery through awareness and education.

The culture shift in Mental Health can only become the norm when challenges
like achieving the Amber Flag become recognised as a central programme of
activity in our school.

Positive Thinking Day 

24th October 2018

Our school’s Positive Thinking day will took place on Wednesday 24th of October. It consisted of events promoting positivity and happiness, including meditation and yoga.

There were balloons in the P.E. hall in which parents and children were encouraged to come into the P.E. hall in the morning and write a negative word on the balloon. The balloons were popped later that day as a symbol of the negative thought being popped away.

We also completed a book swap. Each child was encouraged to bring in €2 and two books. The children swapped their books with their friends during the day. The €2 the children brought in was donated to the charity Pieta House.

From three to four o’clock on Wednesday 24th of October, the Relax Kids facilitator, Gillian Coady, gave a one hour session for parents and teachers, explaining anxiety, how the brain works and how the 7 steps can benefit your children at school and at home.

Relax Kids

As part of the Amber Flag the Junior Infant Students and the Third and Forth class students participated in a Relax Kids class. Relax Kids aims to create a calm, confident kids in chaotic times. The class included movement, stretches, self massage, breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation games.

Relax Kids Junior Infant Art

Buddy System

We have a Buddy System for our new Junior Infants. Each Junior Infant is assigned a special Buddy from 4th class for the year. The 4th class students must make sure that their new Buddy is happy and safe in our school. They also teach them new games to play in the yard at break times.